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法国Forêt装置设计 | Mecanismo

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    法国Forêt装置设计 | Mecanismo
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2019年初,Concéntrico建筑设计节与Métropole Rouen Normandie合作举办了一场国际竞赛,Fôret项目获得了优胜。Métropole Rouen Normandie和NFB组织了La Forêt Monumentale双年展,占地辽阔,关注艺术与森林的整合,提升周边自然空间的品质。在此背景下,设计提出通过艺术介入让人们认识到自然与城市实际存在的巨大撕裂。人们已经习惯了自然与人工不共存的环境。自然与城市的设计总是被无法突破的限制割裂。然而,设计师相信城市和森林是兼容的,它们可以分享组织性的品质,满足彼此的需求。

The project Fôret turned out to be the winner of the international contest that the Concéntrico Festival in collaboration with the Métropole Rouen Normandie organized at the beginnings of 2019 with reason of the biennial organized by the Métropole Rouen Normandie and the NFB, La Forêt Monumentale is conceived as an art biennial focused on the integration of art and forest (due to its great extension in the region) promoting the staging of the surrounding nature. Inside this context, our proposal was born as an intervention that creates awareness of the actual and radical detachment between nature and the city. We have got used to the no coexistence between natural and artificial. Nature and urban design confront often separated by unbreakable limits. However, we believe that the city and forest are compatible and share organizational qualities that make them complementary to each other.


▲装置外观,external view of the installation ©Imagen Subliminal


This ecosystem that we are going to implant in front of Saint-Sever church from Rouen, taking advantage of the urban void, has the capacity to atomize and expand throughout the city. In this way, we create a system that generates an urban forest that the citizens can permeate and walkthrough. A space that, as in nature, results in light, shadows and diversity of spatial situations.  Furthermore, we designed the installation in a way that it could be walked through the inside, to generate in the visitors the sensation that they are going through a forest.


▲装置鸟瞰,位于城市空地中,aerial view of the installation in the city void ©Imagen Subliminal


▲装置与教堂,installation and the church ©Imagen Subliminal



▲装置与城市空间,installation an the urban space ©Imagen Subliminal


Our objective is the integration of the forest in the city. For this, we started from the human, from the 30 laminated pine tree panels and its strict geometry to create a forest by its naturalization and geometric adaptability.  The formal naturalization from the panels and its manipulation to the arboreal gave place to an organic and complex space, based nevertheless in simple geometric rules.

▲装置为城市带来自然化的空间,installation bringing naturalized space for the city ©Imagen Subliminal

▲人们可以在装置下穿行,people could walk through the installation ©Imagen Subliminal


La Forêt has its material origin in 30 laminated pine tree panels of 2500x1220x30 mm that we placed shaping an initial orthogonal grid of 1,4×1,4 m. By the process of ‘naturalization’, we intervene the panels cutting angles of variable dimensions. Thus, from the original rectangular panels, we obtain different triangle pieces that combining themselves, conform rhomboidal figures that give place to the different trees, with heights taller than 4 m. These trees joined together within the original grid, originate the forest.


▲轴测图,三角形木板组成不同树木,axonometric, different trees made by triangular panels ©Mecanismo


There are 5 types of trees ranging in height, formed by eight triangular pieces of 4 different types each. The pieces from each tree connect themselves by 3 types of metallic pieces inserted in the mechanized edge from the panels, one in the base, other in the centre and the last one in the far end that allows the connection between the different trees.


▲板材之间的连接,joints between the panels ©Mecanismo


To generate a greater visual complexity, some of the faces from the trees incorporate mirrors in different shades, recreating the colourful from the forest in autumn.


▲部分木板表面覆盖镜面材料,呈现秋天森林的色调,some of the faces using mirrored materials creating a tone of the forest in autumn ©Imagen Subliminal

▲装置细部,details ©Imagen Subliminal


The whole installation, prefabricated in a workshop, can be built in situ with great simplicity and speed as if it was a tridimensional puzzle. This allows it to be disassembled without leaving a trace and transported to some other place.


▲平面透视图,perspective plan ©Mecanismo

Project: Forêt

Location: Place Saint-Server – _Rue Saint Server (límite calle Marcel Dupré)

Organizer: Concéntrico

Design: mecanismo

Companies that have participated:

Wood: Garnica

Methacrylate: Materials World

Metallic pieces: Kuma Estructuras

Ejecution: Kuma Estructuras