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Dietmar Feichtinger建筑事务所于1993年在巴黎成立,目前在巴黎和维也纳拥有约30名员工,以其创新结构设计和设计研究思路赢得了良好的声誉。设计团队将建筑与工程相融合,同时探索这两个学科之间的动态关系,并通过不断努力,希望在优雅、敏感的建筑中融合自然和人类,融合环境与可持续发展。创始人Dietmar Feichtinger名列欧洲当代建筑奖密斯·凡·德罗奖的七位候选人之一,并因其卓越的设计在国际上获得了诸多建筑奖项,发布多部出版物。2014年,他被任命为柏林艺术学院常任理事。

Dietmar Feichtinger established his firm in Paris in 1993. With about thirty employees between Paris and Vienna the team operates mainly in Europe. The studio has built a strong reputation for its inventive structures and its investigative approach to design. Its work links both architecture and engineering whilst exploring the dynamic between these two disciplines. In a constant strive Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes is looking for integrating environmental and sustainable development, in an elegant and sensitive architecture, respectful of nature and humans. Dietmar Feichtinger is, among seven nominations for the European Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award and internationally honored with architecture awards and publications for excellence in design. In 2014 he was appointed permanent member of the Academy of Arts Berlin.

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