Mayslits Kassif Roytman Architects

Mayslits Kassif Roytman Architects was founded in Tel Aviv in 1994 by Ganit Mayslits Kassif and Udi Kassif, later joined by Maor Roytman. The practice fuses various disciplines and scales including public buildings, landscape architecture, urban design, and strategic planning, all reflecting the firm’s belief that architecture is a leading agent of cultural and environmental transformation.

Viewing the built environment as a field for research and innovation, we operate with radical optimism in order to actively design inspiring, just and sustainable places. Rethinking the commonly-held categories of public and private, natural and artificial, and flexible and stable, we aspire to create open spaces, in the wide sense of the term: open to interpretation, open to change, open to the wilderness of diversity. Exploring concepts of generosity, specificity, and possibility, we develop new methodologies such as the MotherPlan and SuperNature as tools for rethinking and operating with contemporary urban and environmental tasks.

Mayslits Kassif Roytman Architects have won several major public competitions and notable national and international awards reflecting their prominent and transformative contribution within the urban and public sphere.

  • 17 A Hagra Street, 6602435, Tel Aviv, Israel
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