Nomad Studio

Nomad Studio is an internationally awarded creative workshop devoted to innovative site-specific projects. Its work explores the interaction between art and landscape and its influence on society and environment.

Nomad is a collaborative landscape architecture and design + art studio that intentionally maintains a small footprint supported by a diverse international group of professionals. Nomad utilizes flash-organization where a specific team of professionals is tailored per project. In this manner, they are able to address and accomplish a broad range of project types and scales, while maintaining a personable communication with their clients and the flexibility to commit to the communities and the places associated with them.

The studio was founded circa 2010 in New Orleans, LA by Landscape Architects William Roberts and Laura Santin, whom offer 35+ years of professional experience. In 2012 the office was moved to New York, NY and remained permanently in the city until 2020. Since 2021 the practice has adopted a nomadic culture.

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