TK Studio

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, TK Studio Co. Ltd. specializes in landscape design, passionate in delivering natural landscape that creates resilient habitats, aiming to minimize environmental impacts and advocating sustainability in design. In order to foster healthy ecosystems, the firm believes that humans and other living species must be equally considered in the design process, resulting in a variety of landscape functions which TK Studio refers as Productive Landscape. It is a functioning landscape design that enhances human wellbeing, where landscape performs as infrastructure, provides production and mental healing power, and be flexible for both human activities and resilient design. At the same time, TK Studio pursues the practice of establishing ecosystem services in landscape projects, which eventually will bolster a sustainable growth, balancing social, economic and environmental developments.

TK Studio challenges itself in design excellence when starting with each projects, we always value the comments from our staff and combine fresh ideas with core fundamental principles in order to develop the best design solutions for our clients. The firm’s greatest strength is its people—with the consolidated bonding and teamwork. TK Studio gathers a group of staff with different expertise, from landscape architects to technicians, in-house artist, horticulturists and research & development that contribute thoughts and ideas throughout the design process, from conception to construction.

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