Redland-scape.Ltd. is a Thai landscape architecture design firm, founded in 2002, based in Bangkok. We focus on creating uniqueness environments that improve people’s living quality and enhance green ecosystem. We specialize in landscape and urban development, envision the future possibilities and create landscape value of the places. We work as a team of experienced landscape architects and young designers with design thinking process to generate fresh and innovative ideas.

Our projects are delivered with meaningful and well-thought out design to turn our clients’ visions into reality. We believe that in nature, there are always complimentary side that fit together harmonically. Red is a complimentary color of natural landscape that create a spotlight and prominent features in nature. Redland-scape is not only representing an accent in landscape architecture but also balance those distinctiveness with nature that correspond to the aesthetics along with the needs of people. The landscape spaces contain four-dimensional volumes of areas and time. The built environments are constructed through thoughtful design while deliberate the dynamic change of nature in time to generate the equilibrium of softscape and hardscape.

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