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广州大坦沙出入口交通改善工程园林景观设计 | 山水比德

山水比德 2020-08-19
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We stroll along the Pearl River with breezes blowing

Elderly people watch children playing and young people walk dogs

Where can these sceneries be seen?

It is Datansha in the west Liwan District.



Rivers meet and the Datansha Island appears. It enjoys 8.7 km of river view and has the view of “Double Bridges in Misty Rain”, which is one of the eight past beautiful sceneries in Guangzhou.

Datansha was born from water and then has flourished by water. It is the largest island on the Pearl River in the central urban area, advantageously located in the core area between Guangzhou and Foshan and the key part of Baietan’s riverside headquarters ecologic belt.


Time has passed just as river flows. With development of new cities, Datansha had been forgotten for a while, with many old factories and illegal buildings standing on the island and people suffering from traffic jams and a messy environment. After the new positioning of "International Garden Island" of Datansha, the image of the urban gateway should be updated in no time.


As the gateway to Datansha, the project is located at the hub of Datansha’s main roads, metro lines and dozens of bus lines. The streams of people and vehicles are extremely complicated. At the same time, it bears traffic streams and pedestrian flows from Zhongshan Avenue, Railway Station, Zhujiang New Town, Dongshankou, Shahe and Jinshazhou.


Every day a large number of people such as students, villagers, commuters, scavengers travelling for their livelihoods, and the influx of vehicles make this place more and more congested. Lots of construction wastes remained upon land acquisition and demolition, thus ecological infrastructure, visual image and street space all need to be renewed badly.




“In the meantime, until the city’s houses grow a second storey, or even a third or fourth, Ben-Gurion Boulevard is a street filled with sunlight. The city is bursting with blue skies, with a multitude of elderly people setting out into the streets to air out their canes, with many parents pushing carriages or teaching their young children to ride a bicycle… All have time to exchange a word with a chance acquaintance, bare their arms to the sun, or drink a coffee at a street-side table.” – from Avraham Balaban, A Zen Moment on Ben-Gurion Boulevard.

Avraham Balaban depicted the vision of a street life for us. As an important part of the urban renewal of Datansha, this project not only undertakes the important task of traffic relief in Datansha, but also is regarded as an important place for the daily life of local residents, representing the urban image and style of the Datansha Island.

We hope to create a place that can maintain good memories and provide an ecological, convenient, orderly, vibrant and comfortable public place for people from all walks of life in the community.






 In order to solve such problems as traffic disturbance, congestion, lack of open space on streets, dirty and messy street images and complex crowds, we conducted in-depth investigations around the site, focusing on interviews with community residents, school students and corporate employees.

We create a warm block space, provide a new venue for activities, strengthen the connection and vitality within the city, unify existing streets, and build a harmonious relationship among people, the site and traffic in the method of "link• reconstruction".

There are three main ways set forth below.

The congestion caused by the flows of vehicles and pedestrians is one of the biggest problems of the site. As to the illegal occupation of roads by vehicles, we alleviated parking difficulties by reasonable parking space planning and vehicle management; at the same time, we also stopped pedestrians from crossing motorways and vehicles from parking anyplace via the combination of green belts and railings on the middle of the bridges.



In the initial design, we have proposed the idea of reducing road intersections, trying to protect pedestrians by slowing down the speed of vehicles at turning, and reducing the time for pedestrians to cross the zebra crossing to create a more friendly walking space.


Based on the current demolition situation, we have divided space into areas suitable for planting and for construction waste backfilling; appropriate connection of trees along two sides of the street or expansion of the planting area is to improve the environment of the existing trees and increase the greening rate; coordination of node space for roadside greening is to increase plant varieties with local characteristics, enrich the levels and seasonal changes for enjoyment, and create a delicate and rhythmic plant landscape.



There are several old Pantuo trees in the ruins left from demolition, like elderly people, witnessing the ups and downs here.

It might be the end of a village, or someone’s courtyard. But now only the old trees are quietly watching flows of vehicles and people.



We tries our best to keep all of those through various strategies, i.e. design and layout with the old trees as the core. An old tree provides a piece of shade, under which vehicles and diligent people come and go.



Streets, as the blood of the city, connect different areas and different people. All kinds of people pass by, with different purposes and destinations. They just need street space to stay, gather and rest.



As to the construction of public space, we adopted the method of creating gathering node space to provide an atmosphere for communication and interaction; as to the design of outdoor furniture, we made flexible arrangement on the metro square and street parks. People can stay, walk, sit or talk. This place has become a comfortable space for people to chat, sit and rest, and children to play.


On the metro square, the "street vending" is rejuvenated. Vendors are running their own businesses; pedestrians have a short rest and eat something; motor scooter riders are waiting for more passengers quietly...How prosperous Guangzhou is here!



On the east side of the street square, the shape of Datansha Island continues, with the element of water, adding paving, benches, and short walls to build an interesting rest place.

The shape of "water waves", like the Pearl River, plays the symphony of Datansha, and touches the hearts of people who become attached to it.




With lots of efforts, Datansha Gateway has undergone a qualitative change. The illegal buildings were gradually demolished; the traffic was updated from the original two-way four-lane to two-way eight-lane; the clean roads provide a safe and orderly traffic environment for people; the sceneries are more beautiful and colorful. Here, we enjoy a life unique to Datansha, but different from Liwan.

After the renewal was completed, the Guangzhou Daily published an article titled "Reappearance! Double Bridges in Misty Rain". The reporter visited the residents.




“There is no more traffic jam when entering the island at night. The road became wider and the landscape more beautiful. The owners of our residential complex have posted WeChat Movements snaps of it for several times.” Ms. Peng said.

"There used to be traffic congestion on Fridays and Sundays. Now the road from north to south has at least three lanes, which is now much better." Mr. Wang said.

The changes upon the renewal of the Datansha Gateway have greatly impressed people living here. Their travel mode, work, study and living environment have all been greatly changed and improved as a result of this renewal; Datansha Island in a modern life style represents a new life.


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