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深圳光明森林体育公园景观设计 | LOLA Landscape Architects, Taller Architects, Land and Civilization Compositions

LOLA 2021-07-07


City view from the landmark Red Path. © LOLA-TALLER-LCC

FSP 01_LOLA TALLER LCC - forest sports park_city view.jpg

FSP 02_LOLA TALLER LCC - forest sports park_stairs.jpg


在首届中国世界建筑节(2020 WAF China)上,深圳光明森林体育公园获得了优秀设计奖及最佳景观奖。这个新的游乐、运动和休闲的公园是由LOLA景观建筑师、Taller建筑事务所和LCC事务所的共同设计的结果。

At the very first edition of the World Architecture Festival China, the design of the Forest Sports Park was granted no less than two awards. During the live ceremony the project was first rewarded with the WAFChina 2020 for Excellent Design, later followed by the overall Best Landscape award. This new park for play, sport and relaxation is the result of a mutual design by LOLA Landscape Architects, Taller architects and Land and Civilization Compositions.



FSP 11_LOLA TALLER LCC - FSP masterplan.jpg


Birdseye view Forest Sports Park © LOLA-TALLER-LCC  

FSP 12_LOLA TALLER LCC- birdseye view impression.jpg


Drone photo of the completed skatepark © LOLA-TALLER-LCC

FSP 03_LOLA TALLER LCC - forest sports park_skate park drone photo.jpg


The Shenzhen area is all about innovation, therefor the ambition was to make a park that is as innovative as the city itself. A park that can adapt to the constant evolution of sports and were we can constantly contribute to a more resilient nature. An elevated red path gives universal access to the forest. With a steady soft slope, connecting ramps and elevators it provides users from all age groups a safe and easy way to visit the mountain. To enjoy the views of the surrounding city and the ability to immerse yourself in the thick forest. The Forest and Sports Park forms a slow transition space between the city of Guangming and the forest reserve. 


red path © LOLA-TALLER-LCC

FSP 04_LOLA TALLER LCC - forest park red path.jpg



Pavilions and viewing points are modular and prefabricated © LOLA-TALLER-LCC  




With the first phase of the 600 ha. park almost completed, the park is to become a unique destination for the Guangming Big Bay area. As this metropolitan region finds its success in innovative industries, the park focuses on innovation in sports and ecology. Two R&D centers, one for sports, one for botany are centrally located in the park. From here, a constant evolution and diversification of the park will take place. On the central park loop, a linear plant and tree nursery is integrated.


Active use of the sports facilities park during the evenings © LOLA-TALLER-LCC



The Forest Sports Park entrance at night © LOLA-TALLER-LCC 



Forest Sports Park at sun rise © Linkai

FSP 10_LOLA TALLER LCC - forest sports park_sun rise.jpg


In a natural forest setting, visitors are able to get to know new and forgotten sports, as well as the latest techniques used in sports. A range from open valleys to lower hills and mountain forest offers the natural background for these sports and active leisure. The Red Path forms a landmark that connects the park to the city and the forest; a scenic route that passes by all different types of forest. In the park a series of pavilions hosts functions like a restaurant, restroom, viewing platform and forest cabin. In order to minimize the environmental impact, the pavilions are modular and prefabricated. By placing them on stilts they avoid direct contact with the ground and at the same time provide shadow so that visitors can escape the summer heat. The construction of the second phase of the Forest Sports Park is expected to start in 2021.


Section Forest Sports Park shows the wide variety in biodiversity and use © LOLA-TALLER-LCC

FSP 13_LOLA TALLER LCC - FSP section biotopes.jpg


Diagram of the parks landmark Red Path design © LOLA-TALLER-LCC

FSP 14_LOLA TALLER LCC - FSP red path diagram.jpg 


地区:光明区, 深圳, 中国

场地面积: 600公顷

设计: 2018年


组织方甲方: 光明新区管理局

共同组织方: 深圳光明城管局

设计团队: LOLA Landscape Architects、Taller Architects、Land and Civilization Compositions

获奖: :WAFChina 2020最佳景观奖、WAFChina 2020优秀设计奖, WLA 2021 Build-Urban Merit Award

Location: Guang Ming, Shenzhen, China  

Size: 600 ha

Design: 2018  

Construction first phase: 2019-2020  

Organizer: Guangming New District Management committee 

Co-organizer: Shenzhen Guang Ming center for urban Development 

Design team: LOLA Landscape Architects, Taller architects, Land and Civilization compositions

Awards: WAFChina 2020 for Best Landscape, WAFChina 2020 for Excellent Design, WLA 2021 Build-Urban Merit Award









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