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  • 想不想参与设计一座投资1000亿美元的未来城市?


  1 主办单位和承办单位Organizer & Undertaker

  主办单位:碧桂园集团,COUNTRY GARDEN Pacificview

  Organized by: Country Garden Group, Country Garden Pacificview


  Undertaken by: Architecture Technique Magazine


  Co-organized by: All Moving Space


  Supporting Organization: Union International des Architectes

  2 项目背景Project Background


  Country Garden﹒Forest City, situated at the mouth of the river near the borderof Malaysia and Singapore, is spanning about 20 square kilometers and willbe an ecological and smart city created by Country Garden with its 24 years’development experience and green concept joining hands with an internationalelite team.

  “森林城市”全岛填海而成,项目毗邻马来西亚生态湿地、世界第二大红树林保护区 (近万亩),水质纯净,空气清新,更以数十公里海岸线,成为全球向往的宜居乐土。

  Forest City is a reclaimed land from sea neighboring to Malaysiaecological wetland and the world’s second largest mangrove forest reserves(about 10,000 acres) and stretches tens of kilometers’ coastlines, thusbecoming a global habitable land of clean water and air.



  By far, some projects like the sales center, transportation center, fisherman’swharf have been finished, Forest City hotel is to be done at the end of thisyear, and construction of surrounding lands are around the corner. Therefore,Country Garden Group is open to the public for the architectural design oflandmark building embodying the concept of forest city so as to further nextconstruction works.



  This competition is an act strategized to guide the future of forestcity, improve the efficiency of land use and enhance the quality of space and environment.It aims to accomplish the following three objectives.

  To implement the concept ofthree-dimensional transportation, emphasize the connection of transit centerand rail transit, and realize the mode of TOD.


  To give the full play to therole of internationally first-class planning directing the construction ofpublic spaces.


  To set the landmark building as an example in the construction of anecological city.




  This competition includes the design of plot A and B totaling 8.9 hectares and urbandesign research of plot A, B, C and D totaling 24.0 hectares. The design shouldclearly describe and define the overall objective and guiding strategy, buildup a stable and sustainable urban space development framework, specify the architectural groups, interconnection of different transportation, spatial structure, functions and forms to the strategic requirement of regional andurban development, develop a master blueprint framework and spatial planning scheme so as to set up a clear target and basis for follow-up architectural design.

  Conceptual design: a building complex incorporated with extremely iconic, creative,unique, ecological, coastal, concise idea and co-existent in good harmony withperipheral buildings and landforms.



  Malaysia Codes (as seen in Addendum 4)


  To be open, scientific and practical, this open competition will beevaluated by a professional team and selected out the winning teams.

  6.1 竞赛注册 Registration


  Competition participants will register on the specified website to get basic materials .

  6.2 正式竞赛 Contents


  All the participating design units will need to develop the urbandesign to include but not limited to: connection of transportation inside andoutside the land, group relations, non-motorized transportation system, landlayout of rail transit stations, over-ground space and etc.; conceptual architecturaldesign to include but not limited to: architectural master layout plan, plan,section and elevation drawings, and design analysis diagram of green buildings;renderings to include: overall aerial view, perspective of buildings and people(no less than two drawings), perspective of key space’s interior (expression ofimportant public space).

  6.3 承办单位组织召开专家评审会。评选出专业组:一等奖1名,二等奖2名,三等奖3名,学生组:优秀奖2名,入围奖4名。

  Undertaking unit will organize expert review meeting to select onewinner of first prize, two winners of second prize and three winners of thirdprize from professional candidates, two winners of excellent prizes and fourwinners of participating prize from students’ team.

  7 报名方法Registration


  All teams shall register online and receive complete package of basicmaterials and photo references after application being confirmed.

  8 日程安排 Timetable


  August 13th, 2016--Country Garden﹒ForestCity Landmark Architecture International Design Competition Press Conference inBeijing.


  October 15th, 2016,--Deadline of registration for CountryGarden﹒Forest City Landmark ArchitectureInternational Design Competition.


  October 31st,2016,--Deadline of design submittals for Country Garden﹒ForestCity Landmark Architecture International Design Competition.

  November 20th,2016,--Expert Review Meeting in Shanghai forall deliverables of Country Garden﹒ForestCity Landmark Architecture International Design Competition.

  2016年11月21日, 碧桂园•森林城市 竞赛评审暨设计论坛于上海进行。

  November 21st,2016,--JuryMeeting and Design Forum of Country Garden﹒ForestCity Landmark Architecture International Design Competition in Shanghai.

  2016年11月20日-12月20日, 微信投票(就评委评选出的入围作品),确定最终结果。

  November 20th thru December 20th, 2016, We Chat voting for Competition and get the final results.


  January, 2017,Awarding Ceremony of Country Garden﹒Forest City LandmarkArchitecture International Design Competition venue to be determined.

  9 设计成果要求 Requirements on Deliverables


  Deliverables should refer tolocal design regulations of Malaysia and be complete, clear and accurate in all aspects.


  Deliverables should be donein conformance with design brief and submitted online on Beijing time.


  Deliverables shall besubmitted in closed bid with no disclosure of competitor’s information, or elseit will be annulled. All deliverables should be submitted online in electronicversion and include the following two documents:

  9.4设计作品规格:每项作品须由2 幅展板组成,1189mmx841mm (A0 尺寸), 像素不低于300dpi, 格式为JPG。展板版面横向排版。

  The design works shall bedisplayed in landscape mode on two panels with each scaled as 1189mm x 841mm(A0) and the photo should be no lower than 300 dpi in JPG format.



  The display panel candemonstrate all plan, elevation, section view, renderings, analysis diagram andrelevant design descriptions that can fully express the creative intent of thedesign. The drawings must not include any competitor’s information, or else itwill be annulled.

  10 评审方式


  Undertaking unit will organize expert team to evaluatethose valid deliverables.

  10.1竞赛评委:本次竞赛活动邀请8位国内外建筑设计业内著名的专家评委,国内评委包括何镜堂院士、江欢成院士、崔愷院士、孟建民院士及香港著名建筑师严迅奇,国际评委包括AS+GG事务所Adrian Smith,Steven Holl事务所合伙人Roberto Bannura,罗杰斯史达克哈伯建筑事务所合伙人Benjamin Warner。


  This competition will invite eight internationally renowned architects who will conscientiously evaluate everydesign and give open votebased on the full discussion .

  10.2 奖金及其他回报 Prize and Others





  This competition will select 1 winner of firstprize, 2 winners of second prize, 3 winners of third prize from professional candidates, 2 winners of excellent prize and 4 winners of candidate prize from students.

  This internationally open competition will award 500,000 yuan to firstprize winners, 200,000 yuan to second prize winners, 100,000 yuan to thirdprize winners in professional team; 80,000 yuan to excellent prize winners and20,000 yuan to candidate prize winners in students team. (It’s noted that allbonus is pre-tax)。

  Winners will have theopportunity to establish strategic partnership with Forest City project in ways of participating follow-updesign works; the winners of students get the opportunity to practicein theCountry Garden or get the opportunity to work in Forest City .

  11 版权问题及法律 Copyright & Legal Issues


  All deliverables will be claimed by the design team in authorshiprights and won’t be returned after evaluation. Moreover, the organizing andundertaking units will reserve rights to borrow any reasonable elements of thedeliverables.


  The design fees incurred for this competition has covered the cost for the buyout of deliverables (intellectual property) by organizer.


  Organizer and undertaker is entitled to use all deliverables for free,including publicizing the competition results, introducing, demonstrating orevaluating the design works via media, magazine, books, periodicals or othermediums.


  All design works should be original without any infringement of thirdparty’s intellectual property, and the design party shall be liable to take alllegal consequences and be disqualified from this competition in any occasion of infringement.

  用语及其他 Miscellaneous

  12.1用语和时间标准 Languageand time


  This competition will be in both Chinese and English in all manners.


  The competition schedule developed by organizer will be in Beijingtime.


  Winners will bearthe travel expenses by themselves to the award ceremony.


  竞赛咨询电话:《建筑技艺》杂志社010-57368781,18610687469( 熊文文),Email:bgy-competition@qq.com.

  Log in http://www.bgy-competition.com to get details about the competition.