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四川西昌邛海17度•星月湖公园景观设计 | 道远设计

道远设计 2020-10-27
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源 起






The ancients of China lived near water and grass.

Qionghai Lake is famous because of its tranquility and different landscapes of four seasons.

Seeing this capacious water area for my first time,

The sky and the shadows of clouds are peaceful,

This is a journey to explore the Qionghai Lake.

05 Aerial View.jpg






The project is located in the southeast of the old urban area of Xichang,in the north of Qionghai Lake and close to Qionghai tourist resorts area. There are many scenic spots around with beautiful environment, rich landscape resources and complete supporting facilities. We hope to transform the accumulation of 61,000 square meters of construction waste residue into an ecological protection lakeside park, repair the ecological damage which was brought by cities, reshape the land and restore the wetland ecological balance, and create a muti-symbiotic, ecologically harmonious wetland space.

In the early days, due to human activities such as filling the sea for farming, reclamation and pond formation, and disorderly development, the ecological environment of Qionghai Lake was seriously threatened. Nearly two-thirds of the lakeside wetlands were destroyed, and the vegetation of the beach and the original wetland basically disappeared. In the later stage of urban construction, the site water pollution is more serious. The wetland landscape, once full of vitality, is now a wasteland due to unreasonable planning and man-made damage in urban construction. The accumulation of construction waste destroys the revetment and seriously affects the ecological diversity of the area. Through the in-depth analysis of the macro and micro aspects of the site, it is found that there are three major problems.

1) The soil and water loss caused by the destruction of plants has gradually reduced the area of wetlands.

2) The semi-finished building products and construction waste left over from the site will bring huge obstacles to the ecological restoration of the site.

3) The site's biodiversity is damaged and invaded by alien species.

03Challenges and Goals of Site Restoration.jpg




Whether from the perspective of ecological nature or public society, the site has become a scar that is difficult to cover up. If we do not take corresponding countermeasures, it will bring more serious consequences. A large number of residential areas have been planned around the site, and more human activities have also brought real challenges to the ecological restoration of the project. How to create a symbiotic space between human and nature and restore the vitality of the site has become our primary concern.

Based on the analysis of the current situation of the site and the particularity of the project location, the landscape style and tree species selection should be consistent with the style of Qionghai scenic area. Secondly, the pollution input should be reduced to achieve zero pollution discharge, making it the first wetland protection barrier between the urban area and the scenic area, and providing high-quality water for Qionghai Lake. We conduct strategic dredging and topographic treatment of the lake water to create a variety of micro environment and promote the diversity of wetland ecosystem. According to the requirements of sponge City, rainwater should be recycled, and the revetment types in key areas should be guided to ensure rich and diverse plant communities in different types of wetlands and spring pools.

04Wetland water ecosystem design.jpg



In my mind, Xichang is a such city with boundless scenery and warm in winter and cool in summer. We hope to make use of Xichang's windy and sunny climate features to add a little bit of unique charm to the project. So we start from the "sea" and explore a landscape experience about Xichang's "Qionghai mystery trip" through the interpretation of the sea's natural changes. Different "sea" elements are implanted into the site, connecting the whole project. In different scenes, set up various scenes related to wind, light and shadow. So as to form a good life of respecting nature, catching nature and interacting with nature.

02Park Plan.jpg


听 海


It was a beautiful time when my first time met Xingyue Lake. The sky and the lake were the same colour-green, and a vast wave of light was shining among the green mountains and fields. It's just like coming to the ends of the earth, the lake and the mountains are both the yearning of the heart. The inspiration of Haijiao square comes from this first meeting. We want to keep this original intention, so that people who come to the park can see this scene at a glance. Imagine: what do you want it to look like when you live in this community in the future? We try our best to simulate the scene that people will come here in the future. We hope that through the landmark guidance and comfortable and design sense of sunken square, people will be led to the edge of the lake, so that everyone can gather and have a rest here.

实景图 (13).jpg


The sun is better than all the poetry of the past" is what the designers want to bring to everyone. The "light-related" seagull returns to the gallery. The seagull is extracted as a design element to form a landscape structure with tension. At the same time, it has both wind and light effects, making the site more iconic and interactive.



The linear platform-dominated water play landscape under the gallery guides citizens to explore the shore. In the center of the sinking square, there are entertainment and water facilities for adults and children, which will bring a cool and interactive experience to the citizens in the warm and cold weather of Xichang.

The platform design makes the site more layered. We form a platform space that can stay and watch in the sunken space with good vision. It is very comfortable for people to watch the beautiful scenery of the lake shore in the distance. In the future, it will also become a semi enclosed sunken activity square for people to exchange and interact here.


In addition, the design also makes full use of the terrain characteristics of the site itself, creating many attractive space scenes: in the evening with gentle breeze, the moon rises to the lake surface, the mirror waves open, and the light of stars sprinkles in the lake, and a striking cantilever observation platform "floats" on the lake surface.

实景图 (17).jpg

见 海


As the best area for hydrophobic and water viewing, we transit the site through corridors to form a quality and stylish spatial experience. At the same time, it integrates the function of slow life, and enhances the vacation and leisure feeling of the project. It is like listening to the wind and relaxing. The overall corridor like a pleasant sea level line gently blends into the site on the lake, delineating the boundary of the lake, light and quiet.

实景图 (31).jpg

实景图 (7).jpg


The overall shape of the gallery has ups and downs like the jumping sea level, forming a transition space with a sense of sculpture. Through the orderly structure and level, the sunlight is looming, through which we can also feel the dislocation and level of space.

实景图 (5).jpg


In the corridor area with the best vision, the outdoor bar space can be extended for sightseeing. When people pass the corridor, they can stay here to watch the lake, making people closer to nature. The lake is full of water, the rosy clouds are dazzling, the sky is bright, the birds are flying and the grass is growing. All the beauties are unfolded here, forming an ideal communication space.

实景图 (21).jpg

寻 海


Xinghai Square, with its hydrophobia landscape as its core, is located in the middle of the entire landscape design. Connected through the promenade to the coast of Sunshine Harbor, the central sunny lawn provides a green shaded resting place for the site, and the large circular hydrophobia viewing platform is extended outwards, combined with "wind-related" wind-driven devices to further strengthen hydrophobia funny experience visually and aurally .


The shallow green space in the landscape is used to collect and absorb the rainwater from the roof or the ground. The rainwater can be purified through the infiltration and filtration of plants and sandy soil, and gradually infiltrate into the soil to conserve groundwater or supply water for the landscape. To create rich and diverse hydrophobia experience for the citizens, while fully reflecting the symbiotic place experience of human and nature.

- 结合露营场地、户外咖啡吧等服务性建筑,促进人与自然共生

- Rainwater collection pool combines service buildings such as camping site and outdoor coffee bar to promote the symbiosis of human and nature


We hope to create a children's playground that is popular with the public. We plan more spaces for public participation while restoring the map of the venue. This is not only to meet the needs of people living in this community in the future, but also to accompany the growth of children when we are old - this is the essence of life.

尾 声

未来,星月湖不仅只是蕴藏着沉入湖底的神秘宝藏,这里将成为西昌的新地标。午后风起,湖面奔涌,似白鹅嬉戏于波涛上,真正实现阳光、大海,人与自然的交融。In the future, Xingyue Lake is not only a mysterious treasure that sinks to the bottom of the lake, but also a new landmark of Qionghai Lake. In the afternoon, when the wind blows and the lake rushes, it looks like a white goose playing on the waves, truly realizing the integration of sunshine, sea, human and nature.






设计公司:DAOYUAN Design|道远设计