Conference Objectives 会议目标

The Conference sets us right in the middle of landscape borders to forge new forms of intervention, handling and management of the landscape, as well as generating new perspectives diverting from the known, as new ecologies of the landscape.


_ The enjoyment of the landscape is a right of all human beings and therefore generates responsibilities.

_ The landscape is a fact of general interest.

_ The landscape is fundamental to the quality of life of society.

_ The landscape participates in the general goal of sustainability.

_ The landscape is closely linked to climate change mitigation.

_ The landscape is a fundamental part of the natural and cultural heritage and therefore of the
          regional and national identities.

_ The landscape is a resource favorable to economic activity that brings added value, increases
          production and contributes to job creation and new technologies.

_ 享受景观是所有人的权利,由此也就产生了相应的义务。

_ 景观有关人们的共同利益。

_ 景观对于社会生活的质量至关重要。

_ 景观在可持续性的总体目标占有一席之地。

_ 景观与气候变化的缓解关系密切。

_ 景观是自然和文化遗产的重要部分,因此对与区域和国家身份认同也非常重要。

_ 景观是有利于经济活动的资源,它能够产生附加价值、增加产量,并有利于创造就业岗位和新科技。

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