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美国方塔纳城市绿化总体规划设计 | DESIGNWORKSHOP

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    Southern California Association of Governments and the City of Fontana
  • 所获奖项:
    2021 WLA 2021 概念-分析&规划 WLA Conceptual - Analysis & Planning
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    Design Workshop, Inc.


Landlocked within California’s semi-arid Inland Empire, residents of Fontana are exposed to air quality that is worse than 95% of census tracts in California. Its urban forest – a mere 0.36% coverage – is distinctly less than other communities in Los Angeles Basin. This statistic, when considered with the influence of major transportation corridors, notable industrial hubs, frequent regional wildfires, and projected population growth, is at further risk as outdated and unconsolidated landscape regulations face increased development pressures.


Tree canopy distinctly less that other communities © Southern California Association of Governments

2021 WLA Fontana_150 dpi 2.jpg

方塔纳市和南加州政府协会(SCAG) 在意识到这些统计数据背后的危机后,委托景观设计师进行城市绿化总体规划,实现增加全市冠层,改善多模式交通,促进经济发展,整合各种规程,并更新政策以改善城市风貌,节约用水和减少维护等目标。此外,景观设计师还进一步探索了如何通过规划直接改善空气质量。


Recognizing these statistics, the City of Fontana and The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) commissioned the landscape architect to craft an Urban Greening Master Plan to increase citywide tree canopy, improve multi-modal mobility, catalyze economic development, consolidate various regulations, and update policies to improve visual character, conserve water and reduce maintenance. Beyond such goals, the landscape architect elevated the project’s purpose to explore how such a plan can directly improve air quality.
The Plan creates a multi-scalar, green infrastructure vision that influences development patterns, improves individual health and quality of life, and creates a more resilient future for the community and greater Basin.


Regional context © Design Workshop, Inc.

2021 WLA Fontana_150 dpi 1.jpg


At the Individual Tree Scale 

景观设计师使用i-Tree和国家树木效益计算器(National Tree Benefits Calculator,NTBC)对该市现有的71574棵行道树进行了初步分析,并对不同树种确立量化效益,包括:1)大气碳吸收量;2)暴雨截流能力;3)地产增值效益;4)节能效果和5)年度经济效益。如今,方塔纳的行道树每年能带来680万美元的收益。在社区的参与下,景观设计师和树木学家将这些措施与其他环境因素综合起来,形成了独特的树木种植配方。

The landscape architect conducted an initial analysis of the city’s 71,574 existing street trees using the i-Tree and National Tree Benefits Calculator. Quantitative benefits, including 1) Atmospheric Carbon Absorption; 2) Stormwater Interception; 3) Property Value Increase; 4) Energy Conservation; and 5) Annual Dollar Benefits, were identified for individual species. Today, Fontana’s street tree inventory accounts for $6.8 million of annual benefits. With community input, the landscape architect and arborist synthesized these measures with other environmental considerations and produced a distinct tree palette.


Urban greening and air quality study © Southern California Association of Governments

2021 WLA Fontana_150 dpi 4.jpg


At the Site Scale


Advancing beyond recommending individual species, the team considered how to integrate urban greening into urban morphology. The landscape architect selected a series of priority streets covering all street hierarchies and example sites from each land-use typology, then applied designs that maximized potential for urban greening while optimizing function. Each typology was then measured in before and after scenarios. Metrics include canopy coverage, landscape area, permeable and impermeable surface, and greenhouse gas reduction.


Walkable Mixed-use © Southern California Association of Governments

2021 WLA Fontana_150 dpi 7.jpg


At the Citywide Scale


Taking the site-scale studies to a citywide scale, the Plan established a citywide - framework for future implementation. The framework incorporates green streets and green places. Green streets are composed of best scenarios of all street types, vegetated highways and gateways, achieving a connected green system. Green places include best scenarios of all land use typologies.


Green street-Sierra Avenue © Southern California Association of Governments

2021 WLA Fontana_150 dpi 5.jpg


Green street-Foothill Boulevard © Southern California Association of Governments

2021 WLA Fontana_150 dpi 6.jpg


Green places © Southern California Association of Governments

2021 WLA Fontana_150 dpi 8.jpg

2021 WLA Fontana_150 dpi 9.jpg



In summary, through bilingual community engagement, the design team implemented a four-step planning process – Discover, Guide, Prioritize, and Implement. Transferable in its approach for other communities, the Plan achieved immediate policy change with its ambitious, long-term goal of increasing tree canopy coverage to 5% by 2050 – a transformational increase of over 1300%. Today, the Plan is becoming adopted as part of the General Plan, achieving a consolidated, visionary and policy-reinforced guide to transform Fontana’s built environment.


Planning process © Design Workshop, Inc.

2021 WLA Fontana_150 dpi 3.jpg


空气质量,场所营造和空间平等:方塔纳城市绿化总体规划 | Design Workshop, Inc. 



项目地点:Fontana, California, USA  方塔纳,加利福尼亚,美国

设计公司:Design Workshop, Inc. 


灌溉设计:Hines Inc. 

种植设计:Class One Arboriculture

委托方:Southern California Association of Governments and the City of Fontana 

图片来源:Design Workshop, Inc.

所获奖项:2021 WLA 2021 概念-分析&规划 WLA Conceptual - Analysis & Planning

Project Name: Air Quality, Placemaking and Spatial Equity: The Fontana Urban Greening Master Plan

Location: Fontana, California, USA 

Client/Owner: Southern California Association of Governments and the City of Fontana

Landscape Architecture/Urban Planning: Design Workshop, Inc.

Kurt Culbertson, FASLA (Principal)

Jason Ficht (Project Manager) 

Xiaojian Fan (Landscape Designer)

Chen Liu (Landscape Designer)

Transportation Planning: Nelson\Nygaard, Los Angeles, CA 

Irrigation Design:Hines Inc. Fort Collins, CO

Arborist: Class One Arboriculture, Glendale, CA